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you to reach your potential

Our innovative personal and career development platform will help you reach your most ambitious goals. We give you the right tools and methods to tackle your challenges, plan for the future, and reach your highest potential.


  • Reach your career & professional goals

  • Build healthy relationships

  • Feel more energetic and focused 

  • Reduce your stress & boost your productivity 

  • Be part of a community and peer group


How it works


Proven Results

Our coaching is based on leading research in psychology & education to maximize your success. Embedded self-reflection tools help you track your progress & customize your journey.


Learn on the Go 

We want our training to fit seamlessly into your everyday life. We use bite-sized audio content so you can make consistent improvement day by day. 


Make it Social

Reaching your goals doesn’t have to be a solo journey. Join our peer groups to  get connected to like-minded people to accelerate your growth.

About SkyLimit


We want to empower individuals to lead impactful & ambitious lives because we believe that everyone can achieve extraordinary things if they are equipped with the right tools to unlock their potential. An education in essential soft skills is as important as academic training, and allows you thrive in every aspect of your life.

The 21st Century is bringing new challenges for humanity and we must collectively decide our relationship with our planet, technology and ourselves. Every person has the potential to solve problems in their own lives, their families, communities and at the global level. We strive to empower them with the knowledge and tools they need to unlock their potential.


We’re building education content & technology to teach critical soft skills using leading research & science. We provide daily, bite-size audio lessons, smart self-reflection tools, and personalized community engagement all within a single  platform. Our scalable approach allows us to bring this essential education to learners from all backgrounds around the globe.


We’re a group of engineers, business leaders, and researchers who all faced challenges with mental & personal well-being in a rapidly-changing world. We realized that our technical skills weren’t enough to help us reach our goals - we needed to know how to stay mentally fit, build self-awareness, and hone our soft skills. We embarked on a mission to create best-in-class lessons to teach these skills and share it with the world.


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Join us on a journey to develop the essential skills to take on life’s challenges and create any future you want. Over three weeks we’ll send you daily lessons and exercises to help you become more resilient, efficient and energetic, and to create a practical plan for the adventure of your life.


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